Practice Tips #26 Dynamics Don’t just play at one volume, try and adjust your picking so you can produce quieter and louder passages in the music, then incorporate it into the piece you are playing. Practice Tips #27 Take Breaks When Practicing It is important to have regular breaks whilst […]

Practice Tips – 26 to 30

Practice Tips #16 Use A Music Stand This gets the music at the right height for you and helps your posture. Keeping a good posture is important for long sessions and a lifetime of playing. Practice Tips #17 Use Visualisation Try and picture in your head where your fingers go […]

Practice Tips – 16 to 20

Here are links to the series of Music Theory Articles I am writing for Musicians Unite. I thought it would be worthwhile putting them in order so you can follow through from the start. It will be updated as new articles are published. The Importance Of Learning The Major Scale […]

Music Theory Series On Musicians Unite

In my last article we compared the difference between the Major and Natural Minor Scales and learnt that the notes of a Natural Minor Scale are referred to by their relative position to their corresponding Major Scale. A Major Scale             A          B          C#        D          E          F#        G# 1st        2nd       […]

Diatonic Chords – Figuring Out The Chords In A Major ...