Practice Tips – 6 to 10

Practice Tip #6

Tune Up

This might seem obvious but the first thing you should do when you pick up your instrument is make sure you are in tune! Make it a habit!

Practice Tips #7

Practice Slowly

Practice and learn a piece at a slow speed and get it right. Then work on speeding it up. If you can’t play it correctly at a slower speed you won’t be able to get it right at the correct speed.

Practice Tips #8

Reward Yourself

When you accomplish something that was challenging, whether it is complicated passage or learning some new chords, give yourself a reward 🙂 it makes it more worthwhile then

Practice Tips #9

Schedule A Specific Practice Time

Try and practice at the same time everyday. It helps get you into the habit of practicing. If you need to, write it in your calendar so you have a reminder! Or set an alarm!

Practice Tips #10

Practice What You Can’t Do

Don’t just play the stuff you can already play, practice the stuff that you can’t play and is challenging.

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