Practice Tips – 26 to 30

Practice Tips #26


Don’t just play at one volume, try and adjust your picking so you can produce quieter and louder passages in the music, then incorporate it into the piece you are playing.

Practice Tips #27

Take Breaks When Practicing

It is important to have regular breaks whilst practicing. If you go for too long your concentration levels drop and you get tired. Short breaks in a long session will do you good and make you more productive. This applies to more than just music! Just don’t overdo the length of the break

Practice Tips #28

Record Yourself

Record yourself playing and listen back to it critically. It will help you hear where you are making mistakes and what you need to work on improving.

Practice Tips #29

Learn Arpeggios

These will help you understand the Chords you play and help your fretboard knowledge and understanding. Also very useful for certain techniques such as sweeping and chord tone soloing.

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