Practice Tips – 16 to 20

Practice Tips #16

Use A Music Stand

This gets the music at the right height for you and helps your posture. Keeping a good posture is important for long sessions and a lifetime of playing.

Practice Tips #17

Use Visualisation

Try and picture in your head where your fingers go and imagine yourself playing it. You can use this method to practice even when you don’t have your instrument.

Practice Tips #18

Practice without looking at your fretting hand

Try and play without looking at your fretting hand. Train it to play the notes without you needing to look at it. It will help you focus on the music you are reading.

Practice Tips #19

Practice without looking at your picking/strumming hand

This will help your pick/fingers find the strings by themselves and allow you to concentrate on the notes!

Practice Tips #20

Practice What You Can Do

Sometimes you need to go back and just play! Go over old songs and have fun!

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