Practice Tips – 11 to 15

Practice Tips #11

Learn Your Scales

Practice scales every session. They are a fundamental part of learning and improving. I still run scales everyday and part of my routine.

Practice Tips #12

Learn Your Chords

Always practice chords. You will always play them, don’t assume you will always remember them! Some of the lesser played chords (e.g. Dm) can sneak up on you when they appear in a song!

Practice Tips #13

Break Difficult Passages Down Into Smaller Chunks

Don’t try and learn a new song from beginning to end in one go. Practice each individual section – verse, chorus etc then put it all together. For solos etc, try learning it phrase by phrase. It makes it’s much easier to practice it and faster to remember!

Practice Tip #14

Practice Chords

I’ve said it once before but it bears repeating! So important!

Practice Tips #15

Try Different Strumming Patterns

Learn a different strumming pattern, or try different strumming patterns with songs you already know. They help your rhythm and can make a song sound completely different. Experiment!

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