Practice Tips – 1 to 5

Practice Tips #1

Warm up first!

It is important to get your fingers moving, so run some finger exercises and play some scales. This will get you ready to really start your practice session, plus you’ll have already gone through some of the more mundane tasks!

Practice Tips #2

Use a Metronome

Love them, or more usually, hate them, metronomes are invaluable. They will help you learn a sense of rhythm and keep you in time.

Practice Tips #3

Enjoy Practicing

Don’t regard practice as a chore. When you practice you are playing your instrument, and the key word here is PLAYING! It’s fun. Enjoy the journey and the process of improving, little by little, bit by bit, day by day.

Practice Tips #4

Practice regularly

It is much better to practice for 5-10 minutes a day than an hour once a week. Little and often is a good starting point. Obviously more is even better 😉 If you practice regularly, it becomes a habit, and you are more likely to keep practicing!

Practice Tips #5

Practice Away From Distractions

Try to practice in a place where you are free from distractions so you can give it your total attention. If you are using your phone or tablet for practice, turn the notifications off!!!

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