Music Theory Series On Musicians Unite

Here are links to the series of Music Theory Articles I am writing for Musicians Unite. I thought it would be worthwhile putting them in order so you can follow through from the start. It will be updated as new articles are published.

The Importance Of Learning The Major Scale

Diatonic Chords – Figuring Out The Chords In A Major Key

Expanding The Chords Of A Major Key

Music Modes – Not As Scary As They Sound

More On Modes – The Sound Of Modes

Chords And Modes – Joining Them Together

Revisiting The Importance Of The Major Scale

The Dorian Mode – The Middle One

The Lydian Mode – The Bright One

The Locrian Mode – The Evil One

The Mixolydian Mode – A Rockers Delight

The Phrygian Mode – The Exotic One

The Aeolian Mode – Or The Natural Minor

The Ionian Mode – The Good Old Major Scale

The Music Modes – A Review

Constructing Chords – Part 1 – The Start 

Constructing Chords – Part 2 – Variations

Constructing Chords – Part 3 – The Numbers Get Higher

Constructing Chords – Part 4 – Altered Chords

Constructing Chords – Part 5 – A Quick Recap

Constructing Chords – Part 6 – Diminished and The Min(maj7) chord

Constructing Chords – Part 7 – Some Music Theory Definitions

Pentatonic Scales – Part 1 – Everyone’s Favourite Scales

Pentatonic Scales – Part 2 – A Framework



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