About Me

I started playing guitar when I was 5 years old and it has been an obsession ever since. I progressed to the electric guitar when I was 11 and the bass followed soon after. I formed my first “band” in school with a group of friends and played and rehearsed all the time. (Thanks to my parents for putting up with the noise!).

I started teaching a few friends in school, word spread and I have been teaching ever since. More bands followed with the obvious aim of becoming a rock star! Rehearsing in a proper studio put me in contact with more musicians and session studio work soon came my way. Unfortunately the bands never made it, but I kept teaching. I am now in the very privileged position to make my living as a full time musician.

Once again I’m in a band, The House Of Betty Blues, we play a mix of Jazz, Blues, Swing, Ragtime and Rockabilly.

Check us out:-

Website  www.thehouseofbettyblues.co.u

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/housebettyblues/